Patient Testimonials

Our patients write about their experiences.

I am so happy and thankful for the artistic work of Dr. Ginsburg.  My new veneers are beautiful and make me feel so much more confident when I smile.  Dr. Ginsburg and his entire staff have proven to be very compassionate and professional.
My personal experience has been great and I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Ginsburg to any of my friends and family.

Anita Larsen

Thanks so much for my wonderful Lumineers!  You and your staff did an amazing job.  Obviously I hold very high expectations being a dentist myself and they turned out terrific.  Thanks so much for all your time and effort.

Dr. Brett Johnson

We have been so thankful since we found Dr. Ginsburg.  My youngest daughter was so scared in the past from a bad experience.  She wouldn't go to the dentist and ended up having to take her to an oral surgeon for her dental work.  That is until we found Dr. Ginsburg - now she asks me "when do I go to the dentist"?  When she has to have a filling done - it is an easy process for her now.  Thank goodness!
We feel our teeth are so important, it makes your smile, and love the fact that Dr. Ginsburg pays great attention to the little things that would improve our smile.
We appreciate the input, the honesty and relaxed atmosphere.  Everyone is wonderful from Jennie to the assistant on up to the great dentists!
I recommend you to all of my friends and family! 

Tina Hannan & family

Doctors Greg and Janell Ginsburg, along with their staff, are the finest, friendliest and most professional dental team we have ever known. Since making them our dentist in 1993, we have been treated like family and our care has been consistently excellent.
Their positive and friendly attitude permeates their office, and they are dedicated to making even potentially uncomfortable dental procedures, pleasant and "pain free". Their use of the latest technology combined with their warm and professional style, make us feel very lucky to have found them.

In fact, because of our experiences over the years with Greg and Janell; our son, our daughter in law, our grandchildren, and our parents, all are happy patients of Doctors Ginsburg.

Recently my mother passed away in Arizona and my 85 year old father moved into assisted living here in Central Oregon. My father's dental care had been neglected for years and he had several serious dental problems that were causing him discomfort. It was a long and difficult process to get my father's teeth healthy and his mouth comfortable again, but Greg and Janell did it. They didn't have to do what they did. I think many dentists may not have, but they "went the extra mile", and because of their kindness my father can enjoy his life.

So, not only do these doctors have our respect and admiration for their professionalism and skill, they have our gratitude.

Dale & Karen Collier

This is the first time I can smile about my smile!
I was always embarrassed about my smile but now I don't have to hide my smile anymore.
Having my veneers done was one of the best things I have ever done for myself.  My whole life I have focused on others; I has hesitant to do this for myself but am so happy I did.  I am proud of my smile.  I have had many compliments about my smile and people often tell me I look younger than my years which I don't mind at all.  However, I did not do this for those reasons.  I did this because my natural teeth were so damaged and kept breaking and I was just tired of having repair on such a bad smile.  What a great blessing you have given me.....thank you.

Cheryl Flesch

Before moving to the area, I dreaded dentist appointments.  I would delay them for as long as possible which, of course, made each appointment less pleasant.  Finding the Drs. Ginsburg changed this.
From Jennie's warm greeting to the in-ceiling TVs, the office is a pleasure.  But, most importantly, Dr. Ginsburg and Helen (my hygienist) have helped me set up a realistic daily routine that makes each of my appointments a breeze.  I no longer act like a little kid finding excuses to avoid going to the dentist!
....And speaking of kids, our three young children love Dr. Ginsburg and Helen.  I know that they are developing good habits that will last a lifetime!

Dominic DeMarco

My personal observations of their hygienic facilities, well trained, courteous staff, and excellent, thoughtful and precise dental treatments are outstanding.  I can report this because of so many satisfied patients I have referred have told me of their positive experiences.  Also, he is my dentist and his services have been pleasing, painless, thorough and of top quality

Dr. John N. Say, retired D.M.D

For many years I have dreaded the day I might need my first root canal.  That day came about 2 months ago when Dr. Ginsburg performed my first root canal and with his expertise and latest equipment it was not a problem.  I won't give it a second thought if I ever need another one.  For the last seven years my husband and I have had excellent dental care from both doctors and hygienists. From Jennie at the front desk to everyone else, they all get a "10" in my book!

Ruth Stewart

My name is Liz Shatterly and I am a patient of Dr. Ginsburg. My experiences in the past with dentists have never been pleasant to say the least. From my first visit I felt comfortable and welcomed. Dr. Ginsburg and his staff from Jennie to Amy and everyone else makes you feel like being there. From my first visit I felt confident and trusted the recommendations he gave me and I could not be happier with the results. So make an appointment and ask to see my before and after, see for yourself. I sincerely recommend (and do often) Dr Ginsburg and staff. Check it out, you will be happy you did!

Liz Shatterly

Doctors Greg & Janell Ginsburg and their staff deliver heartfelt care on a consistent basis.  They always respond quickly, even at their inconvenience, to our emergency needs or requests.  We would not hesitate to recommend them.

Craig & Irene Brooks

had experienced a panic/anxiety attack with a previous dentist.  Because Dr. Greg talks me through procedures, I no longer have concerns.  His steady reassurance help me get through my time in the chair.  And how can you not have a dentist who so enthusiastically admires his own work!!!!
Our whole family loves Dr. Greg!

Pat Yaeger

After neglecting my teeth for many years I was forced to face my biggest fear... the dentist.  I asked around and was referred to the Ginsburgs.  I let Janell know right off the bat that I didn't want to be there and she was so understanding.  All the girls in the office are so caring and gentle.  I am no longer leery of going.  In fact I actually look forward to it.  When you walk into the cozy waiting area you are greeted by Jennie, the sweetest lady I know.  Dr. Janell is very good at explaining everything and making sure you are comfortable.  Even though my first six visits included 5 extractions I never once worried about going back.  I was so comfortable I never even needed an ibuprofen afterward.  Now i look forward to getting my teeth cleaned by Helen, one of their hygienists.  She is also very gentle and kind.  My husband is now a patient of the Ginsburgs as well and we highly recommend them for the whole family.

Janet Westmoreland

I have used Dr. Ginsburg's services for many years and find he and the office staff to be of the highest quality in service, technology, and providing competent care for my husband and I.  I highly recommend Dr. Greg Ginsburg.  He has improved my smile, provided regular care and is always available in case of emergency.

Jeanie Smith

As you enter the "homey" waiting area of Drs. Greg and Janell Ginsburg's dental office, you are greeted right away by their welcoming, effervescent office manager, Jennie.
The husband and wife dentistry team has created an office which provides reasonably priced and professional dental services utilizing the latest in technology and techniques and aided by a friendly, talented staff of dental hygienists and assistants.  My family and I have used Dr. Ginsburg as our dentist since we moved here in 2000 and have been pleased with the services provided including regular cleanings, filling cavities, and even veneers.

Bonnie Kenner

We feel so fortunate to be patients of Dr. Ginsburg.  His dental work is exceptional and office staff is tops!  Every visit and procedure we have had have more than met our expectations.  The Ginsburg office experience is the best!

Kathie & Ron Olson